Keto for Endurance Athletes

Podcast 6: Top 8 Brain Hacks

May 31, 2014

Coach Ryan and Coach Stephanie explore the top 8 ways to hack the brain.

Master Amino Pattern:
Onnit Alpha Brain:
Bulletproof Brain Octane & Upgraded MCT Oil:
Peak Nootropics:
Blue Light Therapy:
Gunnar Blue Light Blocking Glasses:
Carlson's Fish Oil with Vitamin D:
Spark by Dr. John Ratey:
Heart Math Inst:
Dr. Maffetone's Site link:
Picture by: 

Shaheen Lakhan

Charles Bell: Anatomy of the Brain, c. 1802

Charles Bell (1774-1842): The Anatomy of the Brain, Explained in a Series of Engravings. London: T.N. Longman and O. Rees (etc.), 1802.

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