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Doc Edwards on How Variable Speed Running Helps You Run Faster

October 2, 2020

Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other. Dr. Johathan Edwards has taken running form and function to the next level, learning from the great Dr. Veronique Billat. Doc. Edwards has taken the details work of Dr. Billat's work on variable speed running in the book The Science of Marathon and the Art of Variable Pace.


There is plenty of science to geek out in the book. If that is not your thing, no worries. Skip over that part and get to hands-on training to help you be a faster, and healthier runner. 


Coach Stephanie and Doc Edwards deviate the conversation to hormones. If you want to work with Doc Edwards when it comes to hormones. Check out Own Your Labs by Dave Feldman. 

Doc. Edwards mentioned the book Estrogen Matters - Bluming and Tavris for questions about the importance of estrogen. 


Doc. Edward's Bio

Dr. Johnathan “Doc” Edwards knows what it takes to excel at today’s highest levels of athletic competition. A nutritional advisor for professional and amateur athletes and an accomplished author and regular contributor for nationally syndicated magazines like Road Bike Action and Adventure Bike Rider, Doc Edwards focuses on sports nutrition and enabling athletes to optimize their performance. Whether you’re training for your first gran fondo cycling event, or you’re looking to compete in a National Championship race, you can utilize Doc Edwards’ expert guidance to learn how to obtain optimum wellness, weight control, and peak performance in your chosen athletic endeavor.

For the past 20 years, Doc Edwards has been developing his unique wellness system for athletes and patients, one that includes education, individualized programs, dietary changes, select mineral and vitamin supplements, exercise recommendations, and much more. Doc Edwards started his academic career at the University of California, Davis, earning a B.S. in Physiology. He went on to become a medical doctor at Eastern Virginia Medical School before completing an Internal Medicine residency at the University of Nevada, Reno. Doc also spent a year in Salt Lake City, Utah, studying Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Sports, and then studied abroad to complete a fellowship in Lyon, France. Eventually, Doc attended school in Tampa, Florida, to complete his formal training as an anesthesiologist.

After completing his studies, Doc Edwards spent five years attending the African Dakar Rally as the Red Bull KTM professional motorcycle team’s physician and physiotherapist. He then published a book, Chasing Dakar, A Rider’s Guide to Adventure Riding. Doc then moved on to work with professional cycling teams, including Fly V Australia and Champions Systems. Currently, Doc consults for the French WorldTour cycling team, Ag2r-La Mondiale, and has also served as the chief medical officer for the UCI cycling race, Four Days of Dunkirk. In addition, Doc serves as a consultant for many professional motocross riders both in the U.S. and in Europe.

Doc Edwards is a devoted family man, a former professional athlete, and a current Category 1 cyclist. He has helped countless athletes in their quest for a healthy lifestyle and to achieve their goals, and he is deeply interested in helping each and every individual’s journey towards optimizing their well-being.

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