Jan 19, 2017

Podcast 46: Coach Andre Obradovic’s Inspiring Story from Fat to Fit to Ambasador

Coach Stephanie discusses the life changing events that motivated Coach Andre Obradovic to change his diet and lifestyle.  The changes motivated Andre so much that he became a speaker, coach and ambassador for  the prestigous Noakes Foundation.  

Andre has gone on to be one of Australia’s leading mindset, health and well-being coaches, it is my mission to inspire people to optimise every aspect of their life, whether that means taking control, working through personal challenges, climbing the corporate ladder, improving sporting performance, or simply living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Feb 27, 2015

Podcast 41: Secrets of The Funky Kitchen

If you think making nutritious homemade foods from scratch takes too much time or costs too much money, you need to know about this. 


My colleague, Sarica Cernohous, wife and mother, practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and author of The Funky Kitchen, is hosting a FREE webinar on March 3rd, where she'll reveal her favorite tips and tricks for making delicious,  homemade meals using traditional food preparation techniques in less than 30 minutes a day.


Sarica explains how it’s not enough to shop for healthy food at the supermarket, or even the natural foods' store. The next step to truly vibrant health is to prepare that food in ways that make it easy to digest and absorb the most nutrients. 


It’s easier than you think. Sarica will dispel the common myths and show you exactly how to get started preparing nutrient-dense foods just like your great-grandmother did. 


Your family is going to love this. 


Register and reserve your spot for this complimentary training now:  



Imagine coming home from a busy day to a house that smells divine with a warm, home-cooked meal. 


Imagine the vibrancy you and your family would feel, eating nutritious meals that contain ingredients you choose—rather than what is dictated by food manufacturers and takeout restaurants, where their first concern is costs and the bottom line—not your health! 


Imagine creating meals in less time than it takes to stop in at the deli counter at the grocery store or sitting in your car for takeout—and at a fraction of the cost. 


Imagine the energy and clarity you would feel, eating truly nutritious foods regularly, to fuel your body in a way that shake mixes, energy bars, boxed, canned and frozen foods can never match. 


This can be your life when you learn Sarica’s 3 secrets of creating wholesome, homemade foods in much less time than you would imagine.


And these methods save money, too!


I can’t think of anything more basic and powerful than fueling our bodies at every meal with real foods, made with nourishing ingredients—this is foundational to all other efforts we do for ourselves and our families. 


Do yourself a favor and reserve your spot on this free training now. 


Nov 9, 2014

Podcast 38: Coach Frank Sole on Belief

Endurance coach Frank Sole discusses 7 "B"'s to becoming a great athlete.  Check out Frank at www.SoleSwimSolutions.com 

Oct 27, 2014

Podcast 37: Peter Defty Recaps Jeff Volek’s Talk about the FASTER Research

Peter Defty, from Vespa Power recaps Jeff Volek's talk at the American College of Nutrition about the FASTER research that Dr. Volek is conducting.  That talk also included athletes like Zach Bitter World Record Holder 100 Mile American Record - 11:47:21 and 12 Hour World Record - 101.66 miles.

Sep 8, 2014

Podcast 31: Maria Walton Continues Micah True’s Legacy

Coach Stephanie talks with Maria Walton about the life of Micah True and of her continuing Micah's work with Tarahumara.  

Maria has been working with producer to remember Micah with the documentary Run Free, the true story of Caballo Blanco.  www.runfreemovie.com

Micah True  had a simple message – Run Free! – and he shared his enthusiasm for running in the beauty of Las Barrancas del Cobre by creating the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon (Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco). Micah True was the Race Director from 2002 until his death in 2012.  Micah was immortalized in the New York Times Best Seller book Born to Run. After Micah's death, his partner, Maria Walton continues Micah's legacy continuing the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.  http://www.ultracb.com/

Maria continues to support Norawas de Rarámuri, We are friends of the Raramuri, also known as the Tarahumara, the native inhabitants of the Copper Canyons of Mexico. We celebrate their way of life and their culture, which revolves around the joy of running and the importance of sharing with others.  With respect and love, we maintain the great bridge that was created by Micah True, Caballo Blanco, between the Raramuri and runners of good will from all over the world.  Please donate to the Running People at http://www.norawas.org/.

Sep 5, 2014

Podcast 28: Hack Your Sleep with the EMFIT Sleep Monitor

Coach Ryan discusses the benefits of monitoring your sleep with Emfit.


Aug 13, 2014

Podcast 22: Think Differently About Addiction with Dean Tarabarelli

Dean Taraborelli discusses the benefits of a holistic approach to addiction treatment.  His experiences has given him insight into the nature of addition that has led him to found the Sanctuary in Sedona http://sanctuary.net.


Jul 24, 2014

Podcast 15: Heal Your Gut with the GAPs Diet and Renee Renz

As a child, Renee suffered from constant migraines, nausea, and sinus infections as well as other health issues. Renee originally earned her degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and worked for many different companies. Realizing that this industry was an contributing factor in her state of health, Renee left the manufacturing realm in 1995 and took a job as a veterinary technician. In doing so, Renee lowered her stress level enough to become pregnant!  Raising a family and seeking to honor the natural desires of her children, Renee sought out a more holistic lifestyle. By altering diet, lifestyle, and attitude Renee came to know a greater sense of wellness and began to experience life without physical suffering.  Realizing the impact food has on overall health, Renee pursued an education in nutrition. She completed her Masters in Holistic Nutrition, passed the National Association of Nutrition Professionals boards, and became a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner in 2011.

Jul 11, 2014

Podcast 11: Learn to Swim Like a Fish With Frank Sole

Frank Sole is a premier swim coach and tactician for endurance athletes. He has an extensive background in working with pro triathletes, Kona qualifiers and age groupers. Frank easily adapts to their talents, personalities and limitations and recognizes their abilities to maximize their swimming potential.  You can find out more about Frank at Sole Swim Solutions.

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