Keto for Endurance Athletes
Episode 45:  Scary Science with Carb Loading Advice

Episode 45: Scary Science with Carb Loading Advice

August 1, 2016
Coach Stephanie chats with Paul Laursen discuss the information presented at the Endurance Coaching Summit.  Paul and Stephanie discuss concerns over some of the speaker's recommendations of a high carbohydrate diet for athletes.  


Paul has a pretty impressive bio.  Paul Laursen leads the Performance Physiology Team at High Performance Sport New Zealand.  His role here is to oversee physiological support for the national sporting organisations of New Zealand. He supervises a number of AUT postgraduate students directly involved with these organisations, and the projects aim to provide research findings that have the potential to improve sport performance for our Olympic hopefuls.


He has published over 100 refereed manuscripts in moderate-to-high impact exercise and sports science journals, and this work has been cited more than 3000 times.


Here are the key references talked about in the show:


The picture we referred to from the conference can be seen here:


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