Sep 27, 2014

Podcast 35: Raise Your Game with Ubersense


About Ubersense. At Ubersense, we empower people to become better at sports. Sports lead to healthier, happier and active lives; to learn a sport and reach your maximum potential we believe in the need for quality feedback on technique and expert coaching. Ubersense is creating a mobile and web application that helps athletes achieve their full athletic ability anytime, anywhere.

Our users include fitness enthusiasts, athletes and coaches from around the world. Our software leverages the capabilities of today's smart phones, the power of web platforms and the knowledge base that exists in communities.

Ubersense is located in the heart of Downtown Crossing in Boston. We are a stone's throw away from historic Fenway Park and the TD Garden.

Sep 16, 2014

Podcast 34: Running Technique Coach James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution

James Dunne - 30 day Challenge Running techniques course: Follow James on Twitter:

Sep 15, 2014

Podcast 33: The Optimizing Fat Metabolism Pyramid with Peter Defty

Peter Defty goes over the detail of the Optimizing Fat Metabolism Pyramid.  He explains each component in detail to get to most out of your endurance training.  

Sep 14, 2014

Podcast 32: Top Six Mistakes in Following a Ketogenic Diet

Coach Ryan and Coach Stephanie discuss the problems with getting into and maintaining ketosis.

Sep 8, 2014

Podcast 31: Maria Walton Continues Micah True’s Legacy

Coach Stephanie talks with Maria Walton about the life of Micah True and of her continuing Micah's work with Tarahumara.  

Maria has been working with producer to remember Micah with the documentary Run Free, the true story of Caballo Blanco.

Micah True  had a simple message – Run Free! – and he shared his enthusiasm for running in the beauty of Las Barrancas del Cobre by creating the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon (Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco). Micah True was the Race Director from 2002 until his death in 2012.  Micah was immortalized in the New York Times Best Seller book Born to Run. After Micah's death, his partner, Maria Walton continues Micah's legacy continuing the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.

Maria continues to support Norawas de Rarámuri, We are friends of the Raramuri, also known as the Tarahumara, the native inhabitants of the Copper Canyons of Mexico. We celebrate their way of life and their culture, which revolves around the joy of running and the importance of sharing with others.  With respect and love, we maintain the great bridge that was created by Micah True, Caballo Blanco, between the Raramuri and runners of good will from all over the world.  Please donate to the Running People at

Sep 7, 2014

Podcast 30: Olympian Jim Galanes on HRV Training

Coach Ryan Smith interviews Olympian and Olympic James Galanes on HRV Training.  Coach Galanes uses a product here in the US, Firstbeat Technologies. Firstbeat is a company that germinated from the University of Jyvaskala in Finland that pioneered much of the research in HRV, over training, and training monitoring.  Coach Galanes personally have used the system for several years as a professional coach and former Olympic athlete. He believes this system is the best available on the market as it provides numerous scientifically validated measures of recovery, training loads/stress, and other physiological variables.


The key elements of this software are;


1.       EPOC Based Training Assessment


2.       Daily Stress Measurements


3.       Over Night Recovery-(Firstbeat studies have found overnight recovery provides a more valid measure of recovery as movement, respiration and mental stimulation can all affect the short HRV test)


4.       Quick Recovery Test- ( when the overnight test is not practical or desirable)


5.       Other physiological markers, VO2, Ventilation, Respiration, Energy Expenditure and more.


6.       Integration of GPS training data


7.       Easily exported raw data for a more n depth analysis of training and recovery.


Find Coach Galanes at

Sep 5, 2014

Podcast 28: Hack Your Sleep with the EMFIT Sleep Monitor

Coach Ryan discusses the benefits of monitoring your sleep with Emfit.

Sep 4, 2014

Podcast 27: How to Run Faster by Using Fat As Fuel

Coach and General Manager of Vespa Poser, Peter Defty, discusses the benefits of becoming fat adapted.  Peter highlights mistakes athletes make in becoming fat adapted and the great results athletes can achieve once they become fat adapted.  Athletes, like Zach Bitter, optimized fat adaptation to break the 100 mile and 12 hour world record.

Use your fat as fuel by using Vespa Power.  Get a 10% Discount with Vespa: use coupon code "fitnerd"

Check out Zach Bitter