Aug 11, 2020

Peter Defty

Peter Defty is one of the pioneers in fat-adapted performance. He started in 2001, and subsequently with athletes he coached, eventually led to some stunning athletic performances all based upon optimizing fat metabolism.

Jul 22, 2014

Podcast 13: Josh Matthews Discusses Unconventional and Controversial Treatments for Addiction

Check out Josh Matthews' grounded-theory research project on the use of psychedelic and entheogenic substances for the treatment of addiction.  Josh's research is being done in the context of a doctoral dissertation, which is titled “Unconventional Pathways to Freedom: A Refined Conceptualization of Substance Addiction, Recovery, and the Transformative Process.”  This research takes the form of a qualitative, “grounded-theory” study.  Grounded-theory research generates theory based in observation (rather than theory generated simply by one’s intellectual abstractions).


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