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The Keto Road, Jon Shane, Runs a Marathon

The Keto Road, Jon Shane, Runs a Marathon

May 12, 2021

Jon Shane from the Keto Road discusses his journey to keto from a bodybuilder to a runner. 

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Interview with Trent Holbert

Interview with Trent Holbert

August 31, 2020


Delivering the highest quality of holistic coaching. Designed and customized with you in mind to create the greatest potential of human health and performance.


Jessyca Reynolds

Jessyca Reynolds

August 11, 2020

Jessyca is a recovering bulimic and compulsive overeater. After battling eating disorders for 31 years, being hospitalized multiple times, and trying every diet and/or weight loss gimmick under the sun, she found herself at 309 pounds, her heaviest weight ever.

Chronic depression led Jessyca into almost total isolation, and she rarely left the house. She finally reached a breaking point: her blood pressure was so high that she was in danger of serious health complications, and she could no longer even walk around the house without feeling exhausted. Knowing that she had achieved a measure of success on low carb diets before- as long as she stuck to it, that is- she decided she had to do something to regain her health, and committed to beginning a low carb lifestyle again.

Finding the Ketovangelist website and Facebook page is something Jessyca continues to be thankful for. As she read and researched more, and finally began eating keto, Jessyca learned that this lifestyle was very different than the low carb diets of old. For the first time in her life, she was free from the cravings and food obsessions that had plagued her since age 11. The Ketogenic lifestyle gave her recovery; freeing her from obsessive counting and weighing that goes hand-in-hand with the unhealthy "dieting" mentality. Not only is she down 120 lbs. so far, her blood pressure is also excellent. In addition, she no longer a needs medications for anxiety and bladder disease, and has ceased her weekly migraine shots.

Jessyca spent the last ten months coaching and mentoring friends, family, and members of her community for success on the Ketogenic lifestyle. Her entire family is living keto, and they are happier and healthier than ever before. Jessyca is passionate about sharing her story and teaching others who may benefit from making the jump to a Ketogenic lifestyle. She believes in keeping keto simple, where food can take it's proper place as fuel and not as a burden or an obsession, making this a truly sustainable lifestyle change.

Peter Defty

Peter Defty

August 11, 2020

Peter Defty is one of the pioneers in fat-adapted performance. He started in 2001, and subsequently with athletes he coached, eventually led to some stunning athletic performances all based upon optimizing fat metabolism.

Podcast 78: Jetty Nieuwenhuis on Self Love

Podcast 78: Jetty Nieuwenhuis on Self Love

February 26, 2020

Bulimia and Lyme disease survivor overcoming her health issues. 

2x Ironman Finisher, Weight lifter, and Self Love Advocate.

Podcast 77: Kim Howertown

Podcast 77: Kim Howertown

February 24, 2020

Kim, like many who grew up during the low-fat craze in the 80’s and 90’s. She, like many many, struggled with her weight. She has struggled with food from the age of 8. 

When Kim found Keto and finally won her struggle with food. Keto has turned my health around in so many ways. I feel so moved to help others on their journey to living the life of their dreams: body, mind and spirit.

Podcast 64: The WHOLESTIC Method with Debbie Potts

Podcast 64: The WHOLESTIC Method with Debbie Potts

October 15, 2018

Debbie Potts has been in the fitness industry for over twenty-five years and a competitive endurance athlete for twenty years.  Along her journey, she has accomplished many goals including being nominated as one of the top one hundred best trainers in the U.S. by Men’s Journal in 2004 and 2005 as well as participating in fifteen Ironman Triathlons – five of them were the Hawaii World Ironman Championship.  Debbie has owned and operated her own fitness studio in Bellevue Washington since 2010 to offer an “all in one” fitness studio – now including The WHOLESTIC Method Services including The WHOLE Athlete coaching program, Infrared Therapy Treatment and Nutritional Therapy program to transform the WHOLE person from the inside out.   

Debbie has played various roles in the fitness industry for the past 25 years in Bellevue, WA including fitness management, top personal trainer, group and small group personal training, cycling instructor, yoga, Pilates Mat, run, triathlon coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Superhuman Coach, Metabolic Efficiency Technician, and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  She has implemented heart rate training, heart rate variability training and metabolic efficiency testing into her coaching services over the years. Debbie is a speaker, podcast host (The WHOLE Tri-Athlete) and an author of “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” as well as “The WHOLESTIC Method Manual & Workbook”.  We coach clients how to become fat burners, optimize health and improve their performance in life and sports with The WHOLESTIC Method.

She always wanted to offer programs and services to help transform the WHOLE individual from the inside out with the eight elements of ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’.  Clients will get results in less time with our total body workouts, nutritional and life coaching to reduce chronic stressors.  Debbie created ‘The WHOESLTIC Method Transformational program’ after years of working with clients reaching a dead-end with only personal training sessions.  She wanted to offer programs, services, and coaching programs to help transform the WHOLE individual from the inside out with the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method.  Clients will get results in less time with our total body workouts, nutritional and life coaching as exercise alone will not always help an individual optimize their health and reach their goals. 


Debbie does her best to walk the talk as she was a competitive top age group triathlete, marathoner, and cyclist but since 2013, she has been recovering and rebuilding from Adrenal Exhaustion and burnout.   In November 2016, she shared her personal story called in a book called “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” to help others avoid going through what she has from “living life as a daily race”.  In the past, I have been on the Mark Allen Elite Triathlon team 2004-2013 and placed top  ten overall in numerous Ironman triathlons.  Debbie’s passion and purpose now is to help transform the WHOLE Athlete, of all levels, to learn how to become fat burner, get off the blood sugar roller coaster – and of course reduce stressors from the inside and out!   She offers ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ 5-day and 30-day total transformation detox, repair and rebuild programs to help clients improve their health at a cellular level.  Debbie Potts is the host of ‘The WHOLE Athlete’ weekly podcast to help athletes of all levels perform their best in sports and life with elements of ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’. 

LIFE IS NOT A RACE… It is a Journey!  Pace the WHOLE You with ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’. 


Life is Not a Race… It is a Journey

Learn why and how to Pace the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method.

Debbie Potts shares her personal story of her struggle with chronic stress and fatigue from living life as a race that put her triathlon and running career on hold. Learn about the domino effect of chronic stress on the WHOLE you from the inside out. Learn from Debbie's experience!

Voted one of the “Top One Hundred Personal Trainers in the U.S.” by Men’s Journal, trainer, health coach, and triathlete, Debbie Potts, shares her personal story about living life as a race each day until she found herself struggling to stay awake, sidelined with muscle fatigue on her training workouts, and suddenly gaining thirty pounds. Debbie had to take a step back, assess her life, and figure out what it was causing her to be tired, sick, and overweight. Throughout LIFE IS NOT A RACE, you’ll discover the need to eliminate the belief that more is better in every aspect of your life or else you will pay the consequences on your body. Learn what Debbie discovered through her own health challenges and how she transformed her life from the inside out and created The WHOLESTIC Method from her experience, as well as observations about how our society encourages the glorification of being busy rather than living life as a journey… and being fully present to enjoy it.

Debbie Potts is the owner of Fitness Forward Studio in Bellevue, Washington, the creator of The WHOLESTIC Method, as well as the host of The WHOLE Athlete health and fitness podcast. Debbie has been in the fitness industry for twenty-five years as a trainer, coach, and athlete including being nominated as one of the Top One Hundred Personal Trainers in 2004 and 2005 by Men's Journal. She has competed in over fifteen Ironman Triathlons and over twenty marathons including Hawaii Ironman World Championship five times and the Boston Marathon numerous times with a PR of 3:12. Debbie brings her experience as a trainer, coach, and athlete into her book "Life is NOT a Race" where she shares the principles of her The WHOLESTIC Method program to help you improve the whole you from the inside out with her new approach to improve fat loss, health, and performance for life and sports.




Debbie Potts

The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program

We Train the WHOLE You from the Inside Out!

Burn Fat.  Optimize Health. Improve Performance.


Host of "The WHOLE Athlete" podcast

Find my book & manual on AMAZON!


Podcast 50:  How To Optimize Performance on Low Carbohydrate Endurance Training

Podcast 50: How To Optimize Performance on Low Carbohydrate Endurance Training

April 20, 2017

Peter Defty gives us an update on how to tinker with your diet to get the most of low carbohydrate performance. 

Podcast 19:  How To Pick A Coach with Brock Skywalker Armstrong

Podcast 19: How To Pick A Coach with Brock Skywalker Armstrong

August 1, 2014

Coach Stephanie Holbrook discusses how to pick a coach with Greenfield Fitness Systems  Coach Liaison Brock Skywalker Armstrong.  Check out Coach Stephanie's Page.

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